Carbon Fiber Top

The multi threaded carbon fiber sheets are laid by hand in defined directions to provide maximum rigidity in the pressure points to the top plate.

This provides the most stable work surface while keeping the weight down.

Ergonomic Armrests

The progressive 3 dimensional curvature of the armrest have been designed and tested to provide the most comfortable and stable posture in any arm position.
Improving skills on the finest of tasks.

Aluminium Legs

Engineered with honeycomb structure for maximum strength per weight ratio.

Laser cut and press folded aluminum legs raise the work surface from a standard table height to an ideal level for precision work.

All while doubling the usable space.

Quick Assembly

And low profile storage..

Dimensions : 65cm x 40cm x 20cm highVolume Packed : 67cm x 42cm x 12cm highWeight : 1.86 kg